16. Minerva Med. 2003 Aug;94(4 Suppl 1):1-7

Minerva Med. 2003 Aug;94(4 Suppl 1):1-7.
The Italian Society of Reflexotherapy, Acupuncture and Auricular Therapy (SIRAA): from the origins to the third millennium].
Quirico PE(1), Allais G.
(1)SIRAA, C.so G. Ferraris 164, 10134 Torino.

The diffusion of acupuncture in Europe begun in the 50ies, following 2 main trends: traditional (or energetic) acupuncture and reflexotherapeutic acupuncture. In 1973, in Turin, Italy, the Italian Society of Reflexotherapy, Acupuncture and Auricolotherapy (SIRAA) was founded. This Society over the years  tried to integrate the 2 different trends, whose main characteristics are analysed in this paper. The first aim of SIRAA, since its foundation, has been to study acupuncture and auricolotherapy by means of research and by scientific trials, in order to promote the understanding of its mechanisms of action and to  clearly show all its therapeutic applications. The development of acupuncture in  Italy, the activities of SIRAA from the origins up to now and the future aims of  this Association are described. Among the aims, particularly important is to propose scientific research models compatible with evidence based medicine, but also able to warrant the adequacy of the acupunctural method. In conclusion, it is pointed out the necessity to address the future research on acupuncture not only towards the study of the mechanisms of action and the evaluation of therapeutic results, but also towards some new branches now considered with increasing attention, such as preventive medicine, rehabilitation and palliative  cares.
PMID: 15108606  [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]